Graphic Design and Branding

Design and composition are cornerstones of the traditional sign-painting craft. A good sign needs good design to fulfill its primary purpose: communicating information legibly and clearly. In the 21st century, the hand-designed type treatment can also serve a dual function as a logo and identity. We work with you to hone in on the identity for your developing business. Beginning with logo development, then signage, menus, business cards, websites, social media, apparel lines and merchandise.
As a creative director, David Barnett has launched and developed several brands including but not limited to Vampire Life, DD172 Workshop, and Poppington. He apprenticed under acclaimed designer Mirko Ilic, before going on to work with brands such as Adidas and Pepsi. In addition to print and digital design, he is an experienced apparel designer having worked closely with rapper Jim Jones on his clothing line.

At Noble Signs, branding starts with your storefront and goes as far as you'd like it to. Our brand consulting services help you make savvy choices for your business.